Cataloging Policy and Procedure Manual

Automated Cataloging by Kelly Gromelski

All schools in our district have automated library systems.  The school district has chosen Follett Destiny as our recommended automated cataloging system.  Follett Destiny is a centralized system in which all data is stored on a central, district-maintained computer.  Librarians and students access Destiny through a web browser (Windows or Macintosh) wherever internet access is available.  System installation and maintenance all take place at the central district level.

When materials are ordered from the contract vendor, MARC records are supplied with the library material.

If materials are ordered from a vendor other than the contract vendor, the librarian should obtain the MARC record that goes along with the material from that vendor.

For books obtained from donations or other sources for which you do not have cataloging, the District Library Programs and Services Office has instructions for ordering MARC records from companies offering these services.  To request a copy of the instructions, please call the District Library Programs and Services Office at 888-313-9876.

Original cataloging shall be performed using the Follett Destiny system if no matching record is available or similar enough to be used once edited.